The Solution to Reducing Chronic Disease and 90% of our $3.2 Trillion Dollar Health Care Expense

The Power of Learning how to Balance The Gift of LIFE!

Bad Habits and Poor Lifestyles- are hard to break and bad habits are making our population sick. Left to the current stable of solutions, who in the healthcare system will address these issues before they manifest into Chronic Disease?

Doctors are trained to diagnose and treat, but NOT trained to help people change behavior and lifestyle, nor should they be since most physicians, particularly general practitioners, are already severely overloaded. 

Average visits to a doctor take a mere 12 minutes. Nurse Practitioners provide support and information but their assistance is limited to office visits or hospitalizations. 

Until recently, there has been a massive VOID in the healthcare system for providers WHO- PARTNER, with a new breed of healthcare professionals, called health and wellness facilitators, or Performance Facilitators (PF) who are filling that gap.
PF’s are trained to help people change their lifestyles using a systematic approach employing technology, meaningful content and education along with compassion, motivation and self-efficacy building. Intrinsic Power of Knowledge.
·         One does not have to be trained in medicine to be a Performance Facilitator (PF).
·        While physicians serve as advisers, defining agendas, and treating disease, Performance Facilitators serve as partners, eliciting patient’s agendas and co-discovering solutions. One is helpful for treating illness, the other for changing habits.
There are numerous examples in the literature of Facilitation Programs achieving good outcomes in programs for smoking cessation, weight loss and diabetes management. Corporate America is also catching on, with some of the nation’s biggest employers such as Johnson & Johnson hiring health coaches for their workforce to cut down on medical expenses and lost productivity. 

PF’s take life coaching to the next step, with wearable devices and specific programs like that of Therafit and Kineofit along with other similar MARKER BASED - group exercise programs. 

These  programs work in conjunction with Health Care Clinics and their teams of Primary Physicians to stimulate- not just a lack of disease, but actually improved Health through improved Marker Based Performance. Not just stay alive but rather thrive in a new world of activity and joy. All sessions are recorded with data being shared with Dr's

PF’s track Heart Rate & Metabolic Data for Real Time Stress evaluation to ascertain Threshold Training Zones for both low intensity (LIT) and short shots of higher intensity(HIT). PF's focus on parasympathetic recovery and heart health, along with mobility, balance, heart rate variability and  anti-inflammatory diet

PF's assess Training Zones to Optimize Fat Adaption and reduce Highly Inflammatory - High Intensity programs that create far too much Metabolic Acidosis. 
PF’s track and audit daily food intakes and guide more fat adapted lifestyles to improve metabolic health and mitochondrial wellness at a Cellular Level. 
The key to mitochondrial success is the PF's ability through their systematic program to improve patients ability to become more and more FAT ADAPTED vs. Stress Adapted due to over acidic diets and sugar driven lifestyles- that cause inflammatory responses and the cascade of negative health issues leading to Chronic Disease.  In many cases we find you simply reduce the acidity and chronic issues are revealed immediately
All data can be shared with primary physician for protocol input.

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