RUNNERS... Prevent Injuries/Enhance Performance!

Stop getting Injured!  Improve Performance! Increase Enjoyment!
Do these Exercises, & Wear Hoka One One on Long FFA Runs.

These Exercises WORK if you WORK them 15-20 minutes twice a week!
We call it RUNNERCISE.......!

Measure-Prescribe-Prevent & Perform!

Why Are 79% of Runners Injured?

Think about it?  Look at it from the ground up! The Kinetic Chain all starts in the FOOT!  How strong are your feet?  Do you make foot drills part of your periodization plan?  I just did a talk at the West Coast Super Clinic in Sacramento and it appears not!

Little things mean a whole lot, below is a link to some great foot exercises you should start immediately.  Also work on your gait, doing drills that emphasize increased turnover. 

Simple drills while doing barefoot strides in the sand or on a nice grass surface after a interval workout. Simply do for example 50 meter strides at a Moderate to Swift pace and count your steps. Increase the number of steps at the same pace, doing "Fast Feet"get your feet down and under your Center of Mass (COM) faster- being very light on your feet, emphasis little or NO heal strike! Here are some great foot exercises: Click Here

Take a look at the PDF below with a few links to explain just a few Mechanisms of Injury:

What is the effect of Gait and Footwear on GRF?  Can you Change it?

Feel free to contact me for a copy of our DVD that takes this all into detail.
Center of Mass (COM) awareness, Gait changes, Footwear changes and Foot Strength are the answer to Reducing or even Eliminating Running Related  Injuries!

Ground Force Distribution & Running Injury?

There is a difference between Ground Force and Pressure. Something every runner should know.

Ground Force is the "Reacting force provided by the surface you are running on" Dr. Enoka Textbook on Neuromechanics pg.77.

Ground Force can be the Road, the Trail, the Track or a Noraxon FDM-SX Pressure Platform pictured above, or a Noraxon FDM-Treadmill.

Our Noraxon devices make it possible to see Ground Force (GF) in terms of Newtons (N).

Pressure on the other hand "is a Measure of the Distribution of Calculated Force over Area" Dr. Enoka pg 81. Pressure is measured in Newtons of Force per Centimeter Squared (N/cm2).

Runners judge for yourself from these simple measurements in the video below the following question?

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) "79% of runners are injured in a give year", Why is this? Why so Many Injuries with all the great running shoes we have seen since 1970?

  • Why Do You Buy Running Shoes? 
  • What is a Running Shoe Supposed to Do? 
  • What is your Running Shoe Need? 
  • How do they work or not work?

Have we lost sight of what it is a running shoe should do? I had the pleasure to know and work with one of the Originators of Running Shoes, Mr. Arthur Lydiard and he created them out of necessity to Cushion and Protect the Kinetic Chain from Ground Force Reaction and Musculoskeletal Damage.... Injury Prevention!

Enjoy the Video:

The purpose of this blog is a simple one: Awareness! Education! Why Not seek to understand just what it is your body is up against out there running for your health! I once ran a 4:03 mile and a 29:38 10k, but at the age of 34 I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and by 40 had both hips replaced... NOT FUN! I have not ran for fun or competition since I was 34. Don't be Me! As for Performance and all you young bucks running barefoot, think about your future, think about your joints...

Here are some very simple but very effective drills you can do standing still and moving your Center of Mass around to strengthen your feet, stability muscles and improve your feel for real balance.  In my opinion, many injures and future pain and loss can be prevented with a simple Structural Assessment we can do in 15 minutes. Inform+Educate+Perform= Prehabilitation!
Coaches, Teachers, Facilitators we have new tools we can implement and change outcomes!

For Information on how to secure Noraxon Diagnostic Tools for your Team or Program, do not hesitate to Call me at 1.719.289.0351.  or email me at

Please make sure you come to the West Coast Super Clinic at Sacramento City College February 1st. We will be doing a Clinic on:

"Dissipation of Ground Forces  and Injury Prevention"

The Business Development Network!

Get the Most our of your Community Assets, Promotions & Events!

It is a NEW World out there! A world driven by information, built on relationships.  As we all build our own programs we must make the effort to reach out and cross promote, or cross pollinate each other to strengthen the community our individual programs depend upon.

"Synergy" Mr.Kevin Kratt calls it, of Kratt Commercial Properties who orchestrate the retailers at the new University Village Colorado Shopping Center, in Colorado Springs.  

Success comes from building a "Community" that supports each other.  The old saying "It takes a village to raise a child"  is true.  In in this case the child is your business, your footwear line, your fitness center, your running store, your performance systems, your practice, your schools...

We are doing this in Colorado as you can see in the video above.  We have events at each other's business that  Educate and Inform our common community!  It is a beautiful thing to see a member of Kineofit group fitness get the best service at the local running Specialty Store, or the best Physical Therapy, or Chiropractic services  as part of our community.  Once a month we meet, generally at Kineofit at University Village Colorado to host The University Village Running Club and participate in each others non conflicting demonstrations.  

Education on running Gait and Balance by Noraxon, Strength and Balance by Kineofit, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Footwear, Local Events and Clubs... all come together for the best of the best!  No ad campaign can beat the bonds of education achieved with these personal contacts.

It all comes down to Education says "Keith Jackson, owner of the newly opened Kineofit group fitness center,  we all need each other.  We have a sincere desire to help our community. Education and access to more and better information from each specialist in the community, serves to raise the Fitness IQ of everyone.

At the end of the day, our national healthcare crisis comes down to people getting together and improving the flow of information, raising the overall Fitness IQ of Race Populations, Memberships, Patient Population ect.