Dr. Joe Vigil on the Biologic Law of Training

The Biologic Law of Training

The basic tenant of training is that in order to increase the size, strength or endurance of muscles, or the functional capacity of other physiological systems, they must be stressed (in both intensity and duration) at levels greater than those normally encountered. This concept is referred to as the Overload Principle.

Adaptations to new workloads take a relatively long time, during which further increases may actually have negative effects (Overtraining).

Coach and Athlete must establish guidelines in the preparation of specific micro-mesocycles and label them as preparation, maintenance or development phases of the program.
When Training is developmental, increases in volume and intensity are designed to induce large structural and functional changes in the system. Overload Principle:
1. The Stimulus: Training Load imposed on Athlete
2. Fatigue: The Cell Organ or System goes into state of Fatigue.
3. Response: Body Compensates metabolically beyond normal biological state.
4. Adaptation: Body learns to operate at a higher physiological level.
Study Guide:
What is the Biologic Law of Training and how does it relate to running improvements?

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