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Olympic Coach Joe I. Vigil has become a legendary figure in National and International coaching circles. His collegiate teams have won an unprecedented 19 national championships. His career has led to 14 international assignments: USA coach to the Olympic Games, the World Championships, the Pan American Games, the World University Games and seven times as The Cross Country World Championships coach.

Considered one of the top clinicians in the western hemisphere, Dr. Vigil’s scientific principles of training methodology have been enthusiastically received by coaches on 5 continents.

In Dr. Vigils book- Road to the Top, on page ix of the introduction Dr. Vigil States: “I believe that with the pool of talent we have in America, there are many individuals who can experience great success” he goes on to say that:” if his program is understood and the principles properly applied, success in middle and distance running will be forthcoming”

The most brilliant feature of Dr. Vigil’s program, in my opinion, is his use of vVo2, or the use of your mile personal best. Not all of us have the science of adult physiology labs at our fingertips to assist us in personalizing our program. We all know one man’s pain is another man’s pleasure and the best way to train is a personal one. Your mile time is a great indicator of your current state of fitness and tells us a lot about the state of your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems in conjunction with your Neuromuscular Facilitation.

His program allows us to personalize and tailor a program for you that will detail 5 levels of training complete with spot on mile pace for each level specific to your current fitness. This allows us to detail a perfect mixture of workouts that will assist you in achieving what, until now you had only dreamed of.

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