Coaches, psychologists, physiologist, and all people involved in athletics agree that, in almost every aspect from biomechanics to physiology, individual differences exist in adapting to the training stresses imposed. The principle of individual variability is not practiced in earnest if coaches put all their athletes in one group for workouts based on events and age. 

There are those talented athletes who may complete their training session with ease, while those less talented may find it exceedingly difficult and be unable to complete the workout. In both cases, this is WRONG! One leads to over-training and the other to under training.

The importance of individualization of training cannot be overstated. The coach and athlete must believe that the path to their training and performance goals can be reached even though each athlete within a group has a modified workout. After determining individual need, the application of increased loads and recovery at he appropriate time allows each athlete to reach his/her competitive peak at the desired time.

(OTS- Proper training as Dr. Vigil states is finding the Correct Training Load that allows the body to adapt and progress. OTS provides interactive worksheets that will calculate individual workouts based on an athlete’s current vVO2. This gives the coach and athlete the proper intensity level to design the daily session or training unit, also a tool to evaluate as you go through each microcycle and mesocycle.)

See Dr. Vigils video on vVO2 Indiviualization RPT by Clicking Here

Study Guide:
1. What is the principle of individualization?
2. How does Dr. Vigil's RPT system of vVo2 support the principles of individualization?

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