Middle School Health & Wellness

It all Starts Right here in our own Community & Middle School is Prime-time to introduce kids to the Pedagogy of Evidence Based Exercise that is Reference Based:

Middle School is  the perfect time to introduce children to the Fate of Their Heart Health and Metabolic Health.

With iQniter Cardio Training powered by Suunto , each PE class becomes, not only a time to learn the joy of Exercise, and the Benefits of Health, but to Learn standard Fitness Baselines.

We provide a Reference Point Training program designed by Olympic Coaches.  Our program is complete in that it addresses all 5- Metabolic Zones common to human energy systems. 

We Take the Guesswork out of Diet & Exercise, by pinpointing workout intensity & energy expenditure. iQniter Cardio Training System produces detailed analysis of your workout and its affect directly to your email at the close of each exercise session.

Contact us for a Demo Today: tim@olympiatrainingsystems.com

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