The phosphogens include ATP and Creatine Phosphate and are immediate and ultimate source of energy for all cellular events, including muscle contraction and relaxation. The following are concluding points that characterize the phosphogens.

1. The breakdown of phosphogens for muscle contractions begins within a fraction of a second after neural impulse arrives at the muscle fiber.
2. The supply is limited and this energy source is depleted in about 20-30 seconds.
3. Aerobic and anaerobic processes continually resupply this limited storehouse.
4. Phosphogen breakdown (oxidation) is the source of immediate energy for short term, high intensity tasks, like short sprints. This source of energy can be replaced during recovery via the aerobic processes.
5. High intensity intervals, sprint starts, and extremely rapid executed drills are excellent stimuli for this energy system.
6. To tax this system Intervals should be 10-15 seconds long with rest of 3-6 times the work effort (30”-90”).
7. These bouts of exercise must be short enough to minimize lactic acid production. Thus keeping the skill level high.
8. This Workout causes a super compensatory increase in phosphogens which gets the system to respond faster when called upon.

Study Guide:
What is the importance on building a strong Functional Aerobic Capacity to assist he Phosphogen system?
How are 20-30 second sprints affected by your aerobic sytem?

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