What is your Nutritional Plan

Is your nutritional regime supporting or sabotaging your training program? 
I see it every single day. You have a great work ethic.  You have a great systematic program, but you left one HUGE stone un-turned…NUTRITION!  Take a look at these questions below.  Do you know the answer?  If not, you need help.  See FREE help at bottom of page.
1.01   Who are YOU? 

1.     Weight in pounds (LB) & Kilo’s

2.     Fat Mass (FM)

3.     Fat %

4.     Lean Mass (LM)

5.     Lean % (would you buy you?)

6.     What does your FM represent as energy (KC)

7.     BMR- Base Metabolic Rate (as a range)

8.     Days Stored Energy?

1.02   What are your Nutritional Needs based on?

1.     BMR

2.     Training Schedule (Feed the Session)

3.     Lifestyle

4.     Are you feeding the Lean Mass?

5.     Are you meeting your protein Requirement?

6.     Carbohydrate Capacity and Water?

1.03 What are your Protein & Fuel Options?

1.     Protein sources and how much?

2.     Carbohydrate (Blood Sugar, Hepatic Glucose, Muscle Glycogen)

3.     Fat (FFA) Free Fatty Acid

4.     Fat Cells- What are they?

5.     How can we liquidate some lipid?

1.04   Nutrition to your Optimize Biological State for Training?

1.     Thriving or Corroding? Oxidative Stress

2.     Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods and Lifestyle.

3.     Acidity –Blood Sugar, Stress, & Insulin Response.

Do you want help with some ANSWERS to these questions on your HEALTH and PERFORMANCE?

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