Cardio Training "The Beginning 2006"

Therafit Colorado was one of the First Centers in the USA (2006) to adopt the correct training Methodology and use Reference Point Training (RPT) with Suunto Group Heart Rate Monitoring
Now iQniter Cardio Training powered by Suunto, you will be Amazed at how this System Brings Focus to your sessions as a Club Owner, Trainer and Athlete/Client. 

Not only does it bring Evidence Based Structure to your program, it provides a Record, an Analysis that is priceless in the future when you look back and see evidence. 

In this video the class was governed by their own heart rate doing Circuits that dictated they hit a high (Adapt) and a low (Recover) to move to the next stage. 

Example: 65%-75% back to 70%-80% back to 75%-85% back to 80%-90% back to 65% then dismount Keiser M-3 bike and do a weight circuit and back to Bike for Round #2. 

How Many can you do in 40 minutes?  
          Better still: 
How many will you be able to do in 10 years? 

The beautiful Feature of this workout is that it shines focus on REAL FITNESS which is centered around RECOVERY. In this case the iQniter System Ran the Class and Athlete Clients trained according to their own ability to RECOVER, thus pinpointing the correct Training Load as NOT to overtrain or undertrain.

Those who recover best, did the best, and those who recover best, live the longest, see the data at Cleveland Institute of Cardiology 

For More information or a Live Demo on how you can put your Club, School, Team or University ahead of the crowd give us a call or send us an email: 719.289.0351

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