Champion Qualities!

Qualities Athletes Must Possess

If you decide there is no turning back, you will have to be ready for many difficult experiences because training and competing are difficult and time consuming. Prepare yourself psychologically to train over the long haul- weeks, months and possibly years.

One thing all athletes must remember is that when training is delayed or stopped do not resume your training at the level you were, but start up slowly and progress gradually until you reach your original level. REMEMBER that the farther along the road you get, the more confident you become and, therefore, the more able you are to go on. For most athletes, there is one step back for every two steps forward.

Intelligent forethought is the foundation for success, and positive pride its creator. Thought will map out a route and pride will ensure progress along the way. Intelligence, seeking an using knowledge, is a necessary quality that you must possess.

The more you know about training and competition, the better you will be as a competitor.

Characteristics Athletes Must Possess
The cultivation of willpower, the spirit to succeed is possible. It is capable of tremendous development under proper training and stimulus, or of near extinction under neglect.

You, the athlete, must disregard slight signs of discomfort and learn to judge when you have started to break down rather than to build yourself up.
Nature cannot be hurried. There are no crash programs in the preparation of an athlete.
Pride, an integral part of the athlete’s character, operates to make you want to carry through on whatever plans you have conceived. This kind of pride should not become arrogance that sees defeated opponents a necessarily inferior people.

Study Guide
What are the characterstics athletes must possess to be successful?

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