Community Based Exercise Programs

How is Your "Rec Center" Prescribing Exercise
Community Based Exercise Programs:
I just read a great article by Dr. Michael Joyner  of the Mayo Clinic on Community Based Exercise. I do believe in the community approach to our national health and wellness dilemma. There is untapped power in each community that needs to come together.

Your Local Community Rec Center is a tremendous exercise value! 
How many Rec Centers are there in America?  Are they being Utilized Effectively to:

  • Assess 
  • Prescribe and, 
  • Execute Evidence Based Exercise Programs?
We have a Community Based Program Initiative to present to each community that will tie together the efforts of:
  1. Public School PE teachers/students & teams
  2. Local Medical Clinics & Pharmaceutical Companies
  3. Community Recreation Rec Ctr's
  4. and Fitness Centers.
To be effective, each community must have a Common Platform or language to speak from.

Middle School is a great time to get kids involved in Evidence Based Exercise:
Ages 12-15 are a prime time to establish healthy exercise behaviors. A great time to start learning the basics of Heart and Metabolic wellness.

There must be a common language that is spoken at School, as well as the local Fitness Center, Community Rec Center and local Medical Clinic.

We are all familiar with he common Baselines of Healthcare as it relates to your medical exam, bio-markers like:
  1. Weight
  2. Body Fat/ BMI
  3. Blood Pressure
  4. Blood Glucose
What about BASELINES of Fitness? Things like:
  1. Post Exercise Recovery Rate (PERR)
  2. Velocity/Power at max Vo2 (Vvo2)
  3. Strength to Weight Ratio (STWR)
  4. Performance at Percentage of Max (Fractionalization)
Our Reference Point Training System in conjunction with  iQniter Cardio Training provides a "Common Platform" of Evidence Based Exercise. This system and its analytic tools give teachers, coaches, instructors and healthcare providers the tool to asses, prescribe and execute a consistent continuum of activities that are measurable and proven to actually raise community wellness outcomes.  

The key word here is Continuum!  
Optimum health takes time and it takes a consistent process to achieve an maintain.  Most people when ask:  "How Fit are You?"  Have no idea, what to say, or what to base their comment on.

Where would we as a society be with 50% less:
  1. Obesity?
  2. Heart Disease?
  3. Preventable Diabetes? 
I would like to invite your community reach out and let us (Sonic- Fitness and Olympia Training Systems) demonstrate how we could organize- Evidence Based Exercise programs in your area that are referenced against performance standards to bring about positive wellness outcomes and lower the cost of healthcare.

Please contact me for a 30-minute presentation, online or in person at:

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