Dr. Vigil on Periodization of Training

There are three (3) phases in the concept of periodization:
1-The base phase (Aerobic Foundation AF),
2-The competitive phase (Race Preparation and Race) Pre Competetive and Competitive.
3-The Transitional phase (Recovery).
Periodization has two purposes:
A) Periodization allows the athletes to reach their potential;
B) Periodization if carried through correctly, it guarantees that peak performance of training is    achieved at the correct time.

Periodization is an intelligent and organized plan of training over a period of time. Two goals:
1-reach total potential and
2- achieve peak performance at the right time.

As a result of periodization, two objectives can be met:
A) Realistic GOAL Setting relative to potential. *OTS- See our Tool for assisting you in Goal Setting and Periodization on left sidebar

B) Reduced potential for injury and overuse syndromes

Periodization is not only for competitive athletes. Individuals who are interested in training for fitness can also benefit by employing the training factors of Intensity, Duration and Frequency. If it is your goal to train beyond the normal routine, planned training is necessary.
One of the most important concepts of periodization is continuity of training. As proper cycles are employed in the training program, one can understand the repetition of the previous cycle and how it applies to the new one. It is these progressive qualities in intensity, frequency, and duration that allow cumulative physiological adaptations to occur.

Study Guide:
1. What is periodization?
2. What is meant by the continuity of training?

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