Post Exercise Recovery Rate PERR

Actual Client Test: She Had and Excellent PERR See Grade Scale
What is your 1-Minute Post Exercise Recovery Rate (PERR)?   

This  Recovery Number (Variance) is your PERR, your Post Exercise Recovery Rate.

See Medical Research Data at Bottom of Page.

In a Nutshell:  If you care about your health you need to know your Current PERR and you need to keep an EYE on the progress of this # as you age. Where is it NOW, where will it be in 10 years?  It is one of those things you can improve as you age!

How do I get my PERR?

Simple:  Even Simpler with our MOXY Smo2 Monitoring System and you can do it with a group of 72 people at once.  See video link above.

Here is a Great Test/Workout that may Save your Life!

PERR Test/Workout Procedure:

  1. Give yourself or Subject (s) three (3) shots at a Max Heart Rate after a good warm-up. Use a Spin Bike, Treadmill ect. Simply tell them: "you have 2-minutes to work up to a MAX, ALL out effort, get your heart rate as high as you can, work into a Final 15 second sprint effort at the end of the two (2) minutes, anticipate your finish, and then sit or lay down for 1-minute".  Instructor Marks the start/end of the 1-minute recovery (Variance) and then allows the subject (s) to do it again.  2- 3 efforts are sufficient, you can always do it again on another date.  This become a very valuable Reference Point for (RPT)
  2. The Big Question:  What is your 1-Minute  Post Exercise Recovery Rate?
Here is a Grade Scale I made up over my 10 years at my Colorado Wellness Center from Trial and error with ALL my Clients:

45+ = A
35+ = B
30+ = C
20+ = D
15 less = F  ( See a Cardiologist)

Over Ten (10) years we spotted many irregularities that ended up with clients needing Angioplasty or Stent see link .  This Early Detection- Literally Saved Their Life!!!

In Close:  Work PERR into your Class as a Workout and see how your students do?

Here is the Medical Data on How important this PERR is, it can save a life is spotted early!
Post Exercise Recovery Study


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