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Championship Athletic Performance, or Winning as some would call it, does not just automatically equate to Optimum Heart Health does it?

We can point out many a champion who left us too soon for one reason or another.  What makes us move Faster, Jump Higher and be Stronger (Citius, Altius, Fortius), does not necessarily bring us Optimum Health, Wellness and Longevity. 

It is possible to excel at sport and still lack common knowledge of general health.  I must say however, the longer you stay in competitive sport and succeed, the more you know and practice a healthy lifestyle!  WHY?  Cause you have too, in order to stay healthy enough to continue training and competing. You Learn!  Why not start this earlier in your life & sport career?

As you age you simply cannot get away with foolish things you did when you were younger.  You stop doing crazy workouts, those sessions that do not equate to improved health and performance.  You grow WISE. Have you? Do you share your wisdom with youth?

When it comes to Exercise Routines over the past 30 years I have seen many fads come and go, with everyone jumping on the bandwagon only to see the Hype die down and a new FAD come rolling in.  Don't be a fool, use your experience and share it with your children.  All health and performance STARTS and ENDS with HEART HEALTH!  WHY?  Because without it, you are dead, simple as that!

You do not need a Hyped Fad to know how to EXERCISE your HEART!

Here is a SAMPLE workout for your HEART HEALTH "AND" PERFORMANCE!  After all your HEART is a MUSCLE and we must exercise it.  As with all exercises, some are better than others.  It is not always WHAT we do as much as HOW we do it that matters.  

Take these notes to Heart:
Your heart as a muscle reacts to nerve stimuli to do primarily two things:  
Adapt (A) to and Recover (R) from Stress!

We need to exercise it as we would Skeletal Muscle, for example:  We know there are three primary forms of Muscle Contraction for you to Pick up that Apple on the Table:
  1. Grasp the apple on the Table and lift it to your mouth (Concentric Contraction)
  2. Hold the apple at your mouth as you take a bite (Isometric Contraction)
  3. Lower the apple back to the table (Eccentric Contraction)
There you have it, Proper Muscle Contraction in Three Phases done over full and proper ergonomic range of motion, Why would you want to Cheat Yourself & Remove 33.3% of a  great muscle strengthening exercise by skipping one of the contractions?  

In truth we need all three in a FULL RANGE and Proper Ergonomic range of Motion, done properly to improve Performance in a Healthy Manner.  You could experience short term Gains in Strength done improperly, but at what cost later on?  Joint Replacement ring a bell?

Heart Health- what is the Concentric Phase of heart contraction and what stimulates is?
Do you know the answer?  If so Great!  If not Why not? 

What is the Isometric Phase of Heart Contraction? What does it mean to performance?  What does it mean to your Health?  What stimulates it? 

Lastly, what is the Eccentric Phase of your Heart's Contraction? What Stimulates it and why is it so important to Performance and Health?

Example Workout: 
Sonic Fitness, Heart Healthy Workout done with a EKG accurate iQniter Cardio Systems powered by Suunto:

Do this workout indoors to control the environment for future reference.  Start and End with gentle warm-up/down: (can be done on a Paddling Machine, With a Jump Rope, Rowing Machine, Treadmill or Indoor Bike- best done with machine that measures Pace (Speed) and Wattage (Power).  for the purpose of this example: We assume you know your True Max Heart Rate from Proper stress testing. 

Time> 0-10 Minutes:
Start by mounting machine and working heart rate up to a minimum metabolic level 1 (65%) then do short burst of intensity (Up & Back) to render Level 2 (80%) then back to 65%, up again to Level 3  (85%) and finally up again to Level 4 (88%) and back to 65%.

Warm up is like blowing up a Circus Balloon, you know those skinny baloons they twist into dog's.  The first time you blow one up it if very hard but after a few expansions, it becomes easier.  As you stimulate your nervous system and dilate your arteries and veins your are now warmed up (stimulated) and ready.

Stage 1 of Heart Healthy Performance Based Workout: 10-16 Minutes (Strict 6-Minute Stage):
Using our Group Heart Monitoring iQniter System by Suunto instruct everyone to increase intensity up to 75% and hold it till everyone is the same 75% intensity, SHOUT: GO, starting a timer. The Objective is to go to 85% and back to 75% as many times as possible in the next 6-Minutes!  

Our goal is to exercise the heart muscle and entire cardio-respiratory system in complete Adapt and Recover phases.  What goes up must come down.  A universal law.  Recovery is one of the MOST OVERLOOKED components of training.  Do NOT Cheat it!

See the Super Compensation Model, it must be the foundation of any training plan.

As this workout is executed the first thing you will notice is RECOVERY, some recover faster than others!

*****Your goal as PE Teacher, Instructor, Coach, or Trainer is to improve the athletes ability to Adapt to and Recover from Stress!  

***During this Test/Workout Stage the athlete must perform and ACTIVE RECOVERY (easy movement), Keep Moving, Turning Cranks, Paddling, Rowing, Jogging, Walking in order to get the heart rate back down to 75%. They must tap 75% and tap 85% for Repetition to count.

How many times can YOU Adapt & Recover during this Session?  

This is a test of your ability to perform a given Work Load, Training Load over the course of 6-Minutes.  It becomes your Personal Marker/ Baseline for Growth, Improvement, this becomes your Reference Point.

Now you have a GOAL.  If you did 6-reps in 6-minutes or 12-reps in 6-Minutes this is now your Personal Bio-Marker. . Every time you hit 75% it counts as a (Round trip A/R) or 1-rep!

THE real Performance Question is NOT what you did TODAY, but, more importantly:
How will YOU perform this STANDARD TEST in 10-Years???? 

***Given Accurate Power Devices you can also measure  Average Power or Speed/Pace outputs over the 6-Minute period.  With proper Training you can improve the Quality and Quantity of your Performance!  More importantly  you can LOWER THE Metabolic Cost of Life! Improve the quality of your Health and increase your Longevity.

 Live Well and Compress Morbidity.

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