Tasty Tapa's

Does your Nutrition Support your Training Session?
Nutritious Tapa's: Mango/Grilled Chicken, Beets, Carrots, Kale, Serrano Chilies, Feta Cheese
Who Said Healthy Food is Boring?  
When you train properly by reference point at 5-meta-levels it is easy to see that each type of workout session burns a different variety of fuel substrate.  Study the Graphic below, notice how the amount of Carbohydrate as a substrate (raw material) for fuel changes as the intensity goes up!  Are you feeding this?

Our OTS training tools show us the distinctive Metabolic Zones we pass through from sleep to maximum effort.  HOW do you feed your activity? 
This OTS Chart gives you a never before knowledge of Diet & Exercise!
Is your Training Program Goal- Optimum Health & Composition? Then "Eat What You Burn" only makes sense, right?  

If you did a 1-Hour, Reference Point workout, that utilized 1,000 total calories to benefit your Anaerobic Development -Level- 3 Training Effect (TE-3).  
  • How much Carbohydrate did you burn?
  • How much  Fat did you burn?
(Remember 3 Macro-nutrients?  Protein is a building Block, Fat & Carb are Fuel Substrates)

Carbohydrate as a fuel renders 4-Calories per Gram of carbohydrate.  80% of 1,000 calories is 800 Calories, so your body utilized (800 calories / 4 =200 grams carbohydrate), and 200 Calories of Fat, Fat as a fuel renders 9-Calories per Gram (200 / 9 = 22.2 Grams).

Feed your body what it needs, when it needs it!   
Feed body with WHOLE FOOD, NOT processed Food- and your body will love you! Feed what you burn!  

Don't forget Protein, you need .5-.9 grams per lb of lean mass.  TE-1 about .5g TE-2 about .6g TE-3g about .7g TE-4 about .8g and TE-5 about .9g.

REMEMBER: The higher the intensity of your workout session the MORE myofybril damage you do (Metabolic Effect), the more Protein (amino acids) building blocks you need to repair.

The USA Olympic Training Center Recommends you feed at least 50-grams of that back in- the first 2-hours after session to get the Glycogen back into the muscle, so you can recover and perform the next day. No - ONE- day makes a program it is a Period of Sessions over a Periodization Program- over time that brings about +metabolic  and compositional change.  

Here is a Short Fun Video on the Creation of Tasty Tapa's. Enjoy!

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