What is Your Cost of Performance?

RPT is your Metabolic Cost of Performance!  

What is your Metabolic Cost of Life?

That is a Question more should be concerned with for general Health and Wellness!

What is your Metabolic Cost of Running, Cycling, Paddling, Rowing?

That is a Question you have NO choice but answer and address with your training program!

When you Improve your Performance in Endurance Sports, you have lowered your cost!

I ran a Mile as a Sophomore in High School in 4:34 I could run a mile in 4:34 in college at 85% of my Max Heart Rate.  I lowered my cost and raised my Mile performance to 4:00 at 100%.

The best way to train this is RPT Reference point Training what Dr. Vigil calls Fractionalization.
What is your Performance Reference Point? Your 4-Minute Max Time Trial, average Speed, Pace or Power. Go Run One, Ride One, Row or Paddle one and enter your average pace, speed or power. You will now have training goals at each Metabolic Level. The Challenge is to Perform the Same % of Max Performance at the Same Cost. Does 80% Speed = 80% metabolic cost? RP Training Levels

Enter your 4-Minute Best & to get RPT for 5-Training levels.
Go to this link to enter #'s:  http://www.therafit.net/RPT%20model.html

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