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Aaron Gonzales & Sapeo of Fit-Nex: RPT Reference Point Training: 

Everything is Relative…..Yes? 

Sub max performance is always a subset of True Max. 

Pinpointing Training Effect (TE) at all 5-Metabolic Levels
         the KEY to achieving OPTIMAL Performance!

Here is what SAPAO did today on Concept 2 Rowing Machine for a Kilo in Redondo Beach @ Fit-Nex w/iQniter Cardio training. These are 1,000 meter (1-Kilo) Row’s at various Metabolic Thresholds.

Here is what our RPT system Predicted based on Max. 
5:00 @ 70% 4:22 @80% 4:07 @85% 3:58@88% I believe he has a better Max in Him, so it would have been even closer. 

Specific to the activity of Indoor Rowing, we now have Performance Standards, relative to Metabolic Cost to Pinpoint and improve upon: ie: 5:11@65% or 4:00 @85% 

Question to Sapao? Where will these numbers be in a month? In a year? In 10yrs? 

Since everything is relative and interrelated-to be complete you need to train all Metabolic Levels and emphasize the ones specific to competition but only on a BASE of optimizing all 5.

As Sapao improves his kilo from 4:15 at Aerobic Threshold to 3:55 at AT he will improve his Aerobic Capacity and in turn his ability to produce higher performance at Lactate Threshold (LT). RPT and iQniter Cardio Training Systems simply takes the guess work out of Training so you stop wasting your training time. 

Sapao’s Scores today were good: I question his Max however, it could have been better- perhaps- not warmed up enough, not your true max, but now you have a REAL GOAL! Beat this test at ALL levels next time.  

You can see that based on your max I have come very close to predicting your performance at each threshold. The top numbers are RPT formula based on Max. The red numbers in middle are your ACTUAL. I question that your Max 3:30 is really 3:30? I do not think you were as warmed up and ready for Max as you were sub max. 

Regardless of TRUE MAX you can clearly see how a guy in Colorado, who does NOT know Sapao AT ALL can accurately Pinpoint his Performance at ALL 4-Sub Max Metabolic Thresholds! 

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