Training the Human Metabolism

Metabolic Training w/ iQniter Cardio Training Systems

The Human Metabolism has 5- Distinctive Metabolic Thresholds 
           (5-Metabolic shifts from Sleep to Maximum Output)
The Key to Effective Training is Correlating Heart Rate to Metabolic Training Effect.

Human Metabolic Facts:
· As the human body is exposed to external and internal Training Loads (Stress) the metabolism elevates from a resting heart rate and metabolic sleep recovery state to maximum output.

· During this transition the substrate for energy shifts from predominantly Body Fat (Stored Adiposity) to Carbohydrate (Stored Glycogen).

· As the Metabolism is Elevated there are 5- Distinctive Metabolic Thresholds or Shifts in Metabolic state. See Chart above and Graph below. A distinct shift in the source of energy and blood chemistry. Shift from Aerobic to Anaerobic.

· iQniter Cardio Training Allows us a Non-Invasive view of these Thresholds which allows us to Design, Track, Log and Analyze Training at ALL 5- Levels in Real-time!

· The RESULT is specific and personalized training for each individual within a group. No More Over-training or Under- training. Everyone gets the Same Evidence Based Result. This creates a sense of Community and Loyalty.

· iQniter Cardio Global Tracking System is the Answer to Technology converging with “Known” Olympic Training Methodology. The Result: Better Health & Performance at all levels, results that are documented and share able via Movescount.

iQniter Cardio Training Features & Benefits
· iQniter Cardio System allows us to Pinpoint Max Heart Rate (MHR) and Max Performance at MHR. (Reference Point)

· iQniter Cardio Training allows us to Pinpoint Training Effect at 5- Distinct Metabolic Levels over time.

· iQniter Cardio Training allows us to Design Workouts that improve performance at All 5- Metabolic Levels.

· iQniter Cardio Training takes the Guesswork out of Training, allowing us to Strengthen our Metabolism at all levels

· iQniter Cardio Training in Conjunction with Movescount allows us to Log & Analyze Metabolic Improvement over time.

· iQniter Cardio Training in Conjunctions with our Wrist Monitor allow us a Global Perspective of Fitness indoors& out.

· iQniter Cardio Training allows us to Pinpoint Metabolic Training Effect of up to 72 people at a time!
Actual Metabolic Intensity Profile

Optimum Fat Burning Threshold occurres between 65%-75%, while Aerobic Threshold occurres around 80% and Pre- OBLA (onset of blood lactate accumulation) Anaerobic Threshold occurres at or around 85%. OBLA or Lactate Threshold occurres between 85%-90%, leaving Max effort at the pure Phosphogen level of Creatine Phosphate/ ATP at 90%+

Olympic Coach Dr. Vigil page 14 ” Road to the Top”
“When reviewing the training histories of athletes, it is clear that overtraining is a problem. This all because coaches and athletes fail to recognize that maximum loading should approach the capacity of the system, but should not exceed the limits for positive adaptation.”

Personal best performance relative to metabolic cost at five metabolic levels fractionalization: If max is 100watts at MHR, can your perform 80w at 80% MHR? Great athletes can often exceed relative performance at sub max ie: 82w at 80% rather than 78w at 80%. This is Reference Point Training (RPT)

iQniter Cardio is The Ultimate Training Tool for Global Fitness

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