What is Global Fitness?

Global fitness is a simple concept. Global Fitness is a combination of both indoor and outdoor activity for the common good of your total fitness or athletic performance. Our view is that trainers, coaches, and clubs should inspire a lifelong lifestyle of health and performance, in and out of their facility. 

Indoor Group X:
All Group X Programs & Equipment within a Club or Studio Environment are tied together with Motivational Metrics to Pinpoint, Unify and connect members to the proper Metabolic Training Effect. 
Outdoor Training, Tours, & Fun:
Indoor Rowing, Cycling, Stand Up Paddling(SUP) convert to Outdoor Rowing, Rides, Runs, or Stand Up Paddling Fun! Global Fitness is a Comprehensive Motivational Lifestyle. 

As a facilitator of health and wellness from last 30-years of my life it is frustrating when you only get credit for 3 to 4 hours of a person’s 168 hour week. Group training sessions, fitness centers and personal programs are important, however what is most important to your overall health and performance is your overall lifestyle and Total Weekly Activities. 

Our performance approach is- Global Fitness. We are here to promote sessions, centers, and programs that promote Total Wellness, in and out of their program or facility. This simply means that as facilitators and trainers who work with you 3 to 4 hours a week doing intense workouts what we call level 3-4 & 5 training effects (TE) (Metabolic Intensities). We also want to encourage you to get long easy and enjoyable aerobic activities Levels 1 and 2 outside of our programs and facilities.

We do not workout to get better at working-out, 
                         we workout to get better at life, 
                                           or specific sports performance!

As a Master Trainer we provide all the tracking equipment for dynamic indoor programs, to integrate with outdoor programs that all accumulate and are accounted for at Garmin Connect or Strava. 

Description of General Global Fitness Metabolic Training Levels 1-5 
1. Roughly 40% of your total weekly training time should be spent performing low-intensity recreational activities, at no more than 75% of Max heart rate, duration's of 1½ to 4 hours. These low intensity activities should be fun and engaging, while at the same time will develop and improve your fat burning and aerobic metabolism. Activities such as walking, cycling, running, canoe, kayak, or the new and exciting stand up paddling (SUP). Benefits: Builds fat burning metabolism and functional capacity. 

2. Roughly 25% of your workout week should occur at level 2 aerobic threshold at an intensity of no more than 80% of your Max heart rate. This moderate intensity workout can be done in a steady state format, or done by performing intervals, workouts such as 4 minutes on at 80%, 2 minutes off at 65%, circuit training ect. Benefits: Builds aerobic capacity 

3. Roughly 20% of your total workout week should occur at 85% of Max heart rate, this level three type workout is considered your anaerobic threshold. This type of work that can be done interval format, steady state format or circuit training. Benefits: Builds anaerobic capacity. 

4. Roughly 10% of your total workout week should occur at an intensity of 88% of Max heart rate. This level four workout can be done with shorter intervals and longer recovery is or steady tempo runs, rides, rows, or bouts. This could be a run of 20 to 40 minutes at 88% was considered lactate threshold training. It can also be four times a mile at lactate threshold (88%) with a 4 minute recovery or 2-4 minute jump rope bouts, at an intensity that would elicit 88% of Max heart rate metabolic reaction. Benefits: Builds the speed and power at lactate threshold, often refer to as speed endurance. 

5. Roughly 5% of your total workout week should occur at an intensity of 92-100% of Max heart rate. This level five type workout is strictly for power maximum speed and neuromuscular facilitation. Often refer to as skill sets or Supra –Max work. Benefits: Build speed and power. 

**Note Specific Training: As you approach Race or Event Cut Back on Total Time Spent Training, lower time spent at level 1 and 2 and increase % of Time at levels 3-4- and 5. Approximately 5% less each level one and two while adding a 5% increase two levels four and five whilst level 3 stays about the same.
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Note: Heart Rate Correlations to Human Metabolic Rate (TE) & Energy Source

Global Fitness is Also Your Food Consumption and Sleep Pattern.  
Start each day with Freshly juiced Greens.

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