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OTS Garmin - Lactate Dynamic Workout
Actual HR Profile for Olympic Lactate Dynamic Workout.

The Objective of a Dynamic Lactate Threshold Session is to Improve Sustainable Speed, Power and Overall Performance at this fine line of performance we call Lactate Threshold or Lactate Balance Point, even raise the corresponding % of Max Heart Rate (MHR) point at which is occurres. 
Onset of Blood Lactate Accumulation or OBLA  is a Chemical Reaction within the Muscle to accumulating Blood Lactate which creates an acidic situation (Metabolic Acidosis), a lowering of blood PH levels which lowers human performance, speed slows, power decreases ect.
The intensity and duration of movement a Fighter, Runner, Cyclist, Paddler, Rower ect.  can achieve and  sustain at OBLA –that magical point at which your blood starts to become acidic (OBLA) is everything. 
Heart Rate is a non invasive way to monitor this.  We know from years of research that most athletes reach a point of OBLA somewhere between 85% and 90% of True MHR, the fitter you are the higher you can redline your Heart Rate with the minimal Onset of Blood Lactate Accumulation. 
The next question, once you raise the point at which OBLA occurres from say 84% to 89% of max heart rate the performance question becomes "how long you can stay there", or maintain power, speed or in a nutshell “Performance” at this point?  Lactate Dynamics is a method of training your Power, Speed/ overall Performance at Lactate Threshold (LT). 
  • During power exercises such as Sprinting when the rate of demand for energy is high, Glucose is broken down and oxidized to Pyruvate, and Lactate is produced from the pyruvate faster than the tissues can utilize it, buffer it or clear it, so lactate concentration begins to rise, and performance becomes limited.
  • Lactate Dynamic workouts are simple a way of “Feathering LT”.  Best way to do this is LT +1+2+3 and LT -1-2-3.
  • What goes up must come down.  If your LT occurres at a known 88% of max heart rate you can do intervals at  Neurological Speeds that elicit a Metabolic Lactate Response both Upward and Downward of known LT.
  • Know this right now! ALL Performance is a Neurological Sequence of Events that carries with it a Metabolic Cost.  Our Goal is to increase the Performance and Reduce the Cost.  Simple!!!
Below is a workout I put a average Middle Aged Eye Doctor through to find his Treadmill Speeds for future Lactate Dynamic workouts.

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I started him at low speeds of 5-mph and as he warmed I took him up to 6-6.4-6.6-6.  we Peaked at 9.5 mph for 2-minutes bouts. You can do the same with various Rope weights, Paddling/Rowing Speeds, Cycling Wattage ect.

Simple Summary:  Warm to 65% then every minute go up to 70% for  a minute and back.  The HR profile above is what we did this particular day, but you can adjust to your own fitness.  You can hold at each level for 1-3 minutes, but YOU MUST go BACK down to 80% Aerobic (AT) level between efforts while "ON the MOVE", Riding, Running, Paddling ect, this is the "Float"- The active recovery movement that creates the "Lactate Dynamic".

Minutes 0-10
Warm up: 65%-75% hold for 1 minute back to 65% active repeat for 10-minutes.

Minutes 11-15
80% - 85% hold for 1-3 minutes & move easy (fast jog, moderate paddle or pedal) back to 80% Repeat!

Minutes 16-19
80%-88% hold for 1-3 minutes & move easy back upon hitting 80% go back to 88% and hold.

Minutes 20-22
80%-90% hold for 1-3 minutes & move easy back upon hitting 80% go back to 90% and hold.

Minutes 23-30
80%-95% hold for 1-3 minutes & move easy back upon hitting 80% go back to 95% and hold.

Warm Down.... These OVER and UNDER bouts will train your body to Utilze, Clear and Buffer Lactate!
Note:  You cannot go up till you achieve baseline HR, this guarantees recover and time spent in recovery.  Recovery is Active  "On the Float"  this allows for body to regulate, adapt and respond to the Metabolic State it is experiencing.  This Assures stressing each and every threshold for optimal performance.  This is a HARD workout and you can Adjust TIME SPENT at Red Level, you can even stop at Stage 4 if they are not fully recovered from previous work.

As you reach levels 4 an 5 you will be approaching OBLA then going Above (+) and Below(-) note the last 3-Stages DICTATE a  recovery to (AT) 80% before proceeding.

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