SUP Global Fitness Program

       Excellence is NO COINCIDENCE!

Our Stand Up Paddling Ergometer & Program (SUP ergo) by KayakPro, is the center of our SUPergofit Indoor Group-X Training Program. Does your Group Indoor Fitness Program offer Participation in the #1 Growing and Fun- Outdoor Water Sport?

The SUPergofit program is more than just Paddling a Stand Up Paddling Machine, it is a Comprehensive Fitness Routine! Get in the Shape of your life in the Safety of Indoor, while learning technique for Outdoor.  Global Fitness is when you take your Indoor Fitness Out on the Water, in the Joy of the Sun and Enjoy the Extraordinary beauty on a Real Stand Up Paddle Board. Most Centers that offer our SUPergofit program indoors, Lead Outdoor Tours.  Enjoy: See Features for more Information and the video Below:

See the Supergofit Video

We Certify our Instructors in the USE of our SUP Ergo by KayakPro LLC. We start with SAFETY and then go into Features, Benefits, Technique and Training Pedagogy. 

What qualifies us to CERTIFY our program? That is a great conversation we had with ANSI-CAP and the answer is we invented, and manufactured the machine, and process of use. The creator is a 5-Time Olympian and World Champion Paddler. 

The majority of our Systematic Training Methodology and Pedagogy comes from 2-time Olympic Coach, Dr. Vigil. His 50+ years of experience and unique Reference Point Training(RPT) system allows us to Customize Workouts in a Group Exercise Setting. 

The SUP ergo is an amazing exercise device. It works your core like no other machine. As a previous owner of 3- Pilates Centers, we can assure you , it is like Pilates on Steroids! The magic of the SUP ergo is you work cardio, as you work core, and in the end, your hard work leaves you fit for the Beauty, and Reward, of a Awesome Day on the WATER! Isn't that really what fitness should be about? 

                      Basics of Outdoor SUP

Owning and Operating a Group Fitness Center for the last 13 years has given us practical experience with how to address a diverse group of clients in a group setting. Situations such as having a State Champion teenager next to a Middle Age House-wife. A situation we have learned to Thrive on with Dr. Vigil's Reference Point Training System. 

With RPT we can be sure that a Moderate Aerobic Threshold workout is the same for everyone. RPT allows the instructor to pinpoint Training Load, and better execute the Super Compensation model.

Let us teach you a system all fitness instructors should be utilizing. Without it you are guessing, and that leads to Overtraining and Undertraining. SUPergofit takes the Guess-Work out of your exercise routine. For a sample of our program, please see the Table of Contents to the right.

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