Dr. Vigil on Fitness

There are 5- Metabolic Levels to Human Performance.  
Very simple.  Each workout should have a purpose @ a Fraction of Max.
Velocity at Vo2 is your Reference point for Reference Point Training (RPT)
What Threshold are you trying to affect, based on your Current Fitness Level, Dr. Vigil calls it VvO2, in other words, this is your Reference Point?  What is your Reference Point? You do not have time for Junk Mileage, Junk workouts.

Heart Rate Monitors ONLY work if you know how to correlate Rate to Training Effect:

Training Effects (TE)  1-5 are:

TE-1 65-75% of Max Heart Rate:   FFA (Free Fatty Acid)
Long Workouts 1.5-5 hours, low intensity, but do not cheat yourself neurologically.  Move as fast as you can without taking the heart rate above 75%. 

Remember:  A 4-Minute Miler can run a Mile in 6:09 at 65%.  It is all relative to Reference Point (VvO2).  At this level your goal should be to train your FAT METABOLISM.  Americans are really good at 2 levels, Nothing and Too much.  Train yourself at 5-Levels, and be a Complete Athlete.  A healthier human.

TE-2 75-80% of Max Heart Rate:  Aerobic Threshold
Since most humans will start to convert from Aerobic (with oxygen) to Anaerobic (without oxygen) at around 80% (depending on fitness)  this is a good Aerobic Developing Zone.

Using Reference Point Training(RPT) example by Dr. Vigil: a 4-Minute Miler would be able to run a 5-Minute Mile at Aerobic  Threshold or up to 80% of his max Heart Rate.  A 4-minute miler running at 80% of max heart rate should be running a 5-Minute Mile Pace.  What can your do at 80%?

TE-3 80-85% of Max Heart Rate:  Anaerobic Threshold
This is the training point where you are running in a balance of Aerobic and Anaerobic, you are on a fine line of Intensity and Duration.

For our running example by Dr. Vigil.  A 4-Minute Miler can run a mile at 85% of his/her max at a 4:42 mile pace.  Remember training is relative to Reference point. It is important to ASSESS your BASELINE Fitness when starting a training program.  Group Heart Rate monitoring Systems like Sonic Fitness by Suunto allow us to achieve our objectives in a Group setting.  This is WHY we represent these products.  They Work!  If you know how to utilize them.

TE-4 85-90% of Max Heart Rate:  Lactate Threshold
This is that fine line of intensity where your blood lactate is beginning to increase above a tolerable level (Acidosis Blood PH dropping).  It is a fine line, you must learn to train.  As you expose yourself to this intensity level you teach your body to do 3 things better:

1- Utilize (consume) Lactate (Fuel) better
2- Buffer (dilute with alkalinity)
3-Clear Shuttle excess lactate in one area to another body part.

As your body adapts to this level of training you will be able to go further and faster at this 85-90% intensity level.  Back to Dr. Vigils example a 4-minute miler (Reference Point) should be able to tolerate approximately 4:25-4:30 mile pace for up 3-4 miles.  What can you tolerate?

TE-5 90+%  of Max Heart Rate:  NMF (Neuro Muscular Facilitation) Supra Max
Often referred to as Speed or Skill work.  This is short (15-30second) repeats designed to teach the body new movements, faster movements.  Longer rest is involved to allow the body to be as Fresh as Possible to execute the movement.

Back to Dr. Vigils Example using your best mile time.  We may go up to and faster than our 4-minute example.  We may run 150 meter sprints at 3:45 mile pace! The objective is to teach the body to move at faster rates, greater turn over, greater Mind Body Connection (Neuro Muscular Facilitation).

In the End:  Learn how your body works at 5- Metabolic levels.  Train Each level in the course of a Week or Micro-Cycle.  You base is 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 then 5.  The purpose of a Trainer or Coach is to guide you in HOW MUCH of Each intensity level to incorporate in a weekly schedule.


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