Performance @ Metabolic Threshold!

#1 Question I have been ask since 1974:
      How do I improve my  Fitness & Performance?
Answer:  Train Sport Specific Movements at all 5-Metabolic Thresholds.
  • Want to get Healthier?  Be Fitter, Move Faster, with More Power and be Stronger?
Use the Tools Available to you at iQniter Cardio Training powered by Suunto. Here is iQniter  and HOW Reference Point Training (RPT) works. Click Image to Enlarge.
What is Your Best Sport Specific Performance at each Metabolic Level?
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Learn to Mix & Balance Metabolic Intensities and the Cost of Movement over time!

Example: Runner  runs 6-Minute Mile as a 100% MAX effort today, however  through training properly he adapts and becomes efficient enough to run a 6-Minute Mile @ 80%.

Example: A Rower goes from 1:45 500 pace @ 100% Max to 1:45 Pace at 85% Anaerobic Threshold (AeT).

Example: A Cyclist goes from a 10-Minute  300 watt Sustained Tempo @ 100% to a sustained 10-minute 300watt Tempo @ 80% Aerobic Threshold (AT)!

Example: A MMA fighter who wants to be strong the ENTIRE fight goes from a 30 second bout @ 100% with a 2 LB Rope at 20 RPM to a sustained 20 RPM Bout with the same 2 lb rope @ 80% Aerobic Threshold (AT).  Hit Harder- Longer with Sustained Power and Quickness.

Make NO mistake about it: 
Quantification of Fitness is-simply  YOUR COST of MOVEMENT!

Lower your Cost, Increase your "Sustainable": Power, Quickness, Speed, Pace and Improve your Performance!

iQniter dials it all up and delivers it into your FREE Training Log for Analysis and sharing with coach, doctor, trainer, teacher ect.

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