The Perfect Indoor & Outdoor Fitness Program!

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This is Truly a Turn Key Program for Existing Clubs, Fitness Centers and Studios.  Low Start-up Cost- great returns on investment and a program that works both indoor and outdoor. 

3-Simple Steps Make it easy to be the BEST EXERCISE PROGRAM on Earth:

1) Machines & Accessories: In sets of 6-Units the Stand Up Paddling Machine (SUP erg). Please DO NOT limit your thinking of this unit as just a Paddling Machine!  The SUP erg is a Multipurpose Exercise Device.  A Balance Platform for Intense Interval Training, Circuit Training, Functional Training, Yoga, Pilates and of Course- Stand up Paddling.  You can even shorten the adjustable paddle for Dragon Boat and  Dynamic Back Exercise.
Accessories such as Medicine Balls, Mats and 60Lb of Free Wts per Machine are all you will need to execute our Highly Profitable and Evidence Based Program.

2) One Master iQniter Cardio Training System powered by Suunto:
All the Motivational Matrix you need to Produce Evidence Based Exercise
iQniter comes complete with the latest Lenovo Laptop, 20-Suunto Dual Belt Heart Rate Monitors that will display up to 72 participants at a time. System includes Suunto Movescount and Email program, so each participant gets a FULL metabolic analysis of each and every work logged to their own Private or Public  and Free account at
Our System Utilizes the Proven Olympic Training Methodology of Reference Point Training.
Stop Guessing and Start  Training!

3) The Outdoor Component!  No MORE Sagging Summer Sales.  
System comes with Sets of 6 Complete Stand Up Paddle Packages and a complete Certification of USE program:
Free Your Mind and The Rest will Follow!!!

Everything you learn and gain in fitness indoors you can take outdoors in Team Building Leadership Programs, Fun Paddles, Racing, Coastal Lagoons, Bays, Backwaters, Open Ocean, Mountain Lakes and City Waterways.  Over 70% of the earth is water. What better way to enjoy the trappings of your new found Fitness than a Active Outdoor Lifestyle!  Lasting Wellness Stems from a Lifestyle of both Specific Indoor Training and Outdoor Activities.  Our program gives you both.

                                         WE WORKOUT TO BE BETTER AT LIFE!"

Our program produces more revenue per square foot thaN any other program. HOW? The Volume of Work you can Do in ONE place, the Small Footprint and Massive Movement Potential.  Take a Treadmill, Exercise Bike, Elliptical or Rowing Machine - Can you do Free Weight Circuits on on it, Functional exercises, Balance Moves, Planks, Crunches, Tricep Plie's,?  

Be profitable, Be Unique and Change lives. It is all FUN, It is All Document-able, it is Reference Point- Evidence Based Activity that will last a lifetime!   
Worlds Most Unique, Constantly Varied and FUN- Group Exercise Program!
  • One Machine for All Activities: Cardio, Balance, Functional, Wt Circuits...
  • Stop Sagging Summer Sales!
  • One Package per Studio or Group X Area, No expensive flooring needed!
  • Drive Summer & Winter Sales integrate and involve clients!
  • Small Footprint- Empowers Less Sq. feet/higher profit.
  • Corporate Team Building, whilst USING your New Fitness!
  • Promote Global Lifestyle Fitness FUN  in Your Community.
  • Schools, Clubs, Rec Centers, YMCA's, and Small Studios ALL AGES!
  • Be Unique, Promote Health and Wellness with Team building Fun.
  • Packages are Sold in sets of 6-12 or 18 and INCLUDE our iQniter Cardio Training System complete with Laptop and Free USE Certification Program.
  • Document Training Effect & Captivate Insurance- Wellness revenue.
  • The Only Cardio Machine that Works the Entire Body in One Footprint and converts to an Extra Ordinary, Fully Integrated Outdoor Team Building Program.
  • Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall all you have to do is Call for a Live Demo.
Give us a Call and Let us Show you how this Small Footprint can Unite your Program or Club and Dramatically increase the Profit Per Square foot.