In a Fitness Industry centered around hype and shallowness- the definition of fitness can get lost! Why not take time to learn the principles of a "Great Cardio Workout"?  
Metabolic Dynamics of a Great Workout
  • What is Fitness?  
  • What is a Great Cardio Workout?
To Know one is to know the other. What good is the knowledge of Fitness if the process to get there eludes you?
Read how Olympic Coach Dr. Vigil  defines this slippery question, in our blog: What is Fitness! 

Why does the fitness world revolve around hype and shallowness and dodge the question of "What is Fitness" and What exactly is a "Great Workout" other than "Go Girl... whoop Whoop".

First of all "Go Girl...whoop Whoop" is a terrible workout!  All workouts should mirror, in profile the Image above, no matter how "HARD" there is one universal fact of Life! What goes up must come down!  

The more intense your session the more recovery you should experience, so you should never be without a big blue line of FFA, it's who you are, your organism, your genome! So... by "Default" the step Pyramid of intensity above will show itself in the end of a "Great Workout".

Those "Whoop whoopers" are just creating an unnecessary amount of metabolic acidosis (inflammation and cellular damage) and potentially creating more problems than they are solving. In many cases they are killing the very cells they intent to promote. 

Why not exercise to Feel Good, Perform Better and promote your bodies natural ability to "ADAPT" to and "RECOVER" from Stress?  

Keep in mind, exercise is a stress, and it can be GOOD or it can be BAD!  Why not take a minute to better understand it?   Here is a  Actual and Terrible "Go Girl"  Workout profile from a recent trip to a Hype Stricken  Cycle Studio in Los Angeles!
Actual Demo in Los Angeles Spinn Studio. Horrible  Bad Example
Give a man a fish or teach him to fish?  Your choice! If you are this far into the blog then lets get on with the parameters of a "Great Cardio Workout"!

Plan and Design
Take time to design a great workout, or go to a pro that will do the same with your health in mind.  I do not care how you get it done, but do it.  I use iQniter Cardio  Training powered by Suunto, Design Module.  Below is an actual "Great Cardio Workout" I designed and then performed to the "T", for my own health and performance and for YOU!

iQniter Cardio Training Screen with Pre-Designed session
I had several things in mind when I designed it!   Here is the actual workout:

Step 1. A Good Solid Metabolic and Neurological warm up. What does that mean?  Run, Ride, Row, or Paddle up to 65% for a few minutes - stop or slow down for a minute and do it again until your metabolism starts to react to your movement. You can see this with the  3 little blue bumps to the bottom left of the screen. As your metabolism is alert and covering the cost for your movement you are ready to begin.  You should always be trying to maximize movement or Speed, Pace, Power of Movement at each Metabolic level (HR)

Step 2. Warm up done. Move into a 10- minute bout of short Neurological Movements... in this case Sprints on a Paddling Ergo-meter  going from 65% to 75% of max Heart Rate.  Even though we are only starting at 65% you can sprint at a very intense pace thus recruiting a great percentage of Nerve Muscle Connection incorporation- Quality Sprint Form until your Heart Rate hits 75% then slow and focus on technique, while breathing and relaxing, repeat as many times as hard as you can from 65%-75%-65% in the 10- minute segment.  Not only will you develop your ability to move, you will never over-train and you will benefit from sound Adapt/Recover exercise.  You cannot do more than your ability to recover will allow!  Don't listen to Hype and Shallowness, Listen to your Body! Listen to your Heart and MOVE! 

Repeat Step 2  for Step 3-4-5 but at a Higher and Higher Metabolic Level with a 1-minute recovery between 10-minute segments: 

Step 3.  10-Minutes A/R Sprint/Active recover 70%-80%-70% 
Step 4.  10-Minutes A/R Sprint/Active recover 75%-85%-75%
Step 5.  10-Minutes A/R Sprint/Active recover 80%-90%-80%

Rest for 1-Minute and do 4 x Kilo in this case or you can do 4 x 4:30 minutes on whatever device you are performing on. 

*Note Average Speed at each level as a Reference Point to your current fitness and a Marker for future improvement.

Step 6   n this case 1 x Kilo Paddling as fast as I could whilst averaging only 75% of Max Hr.
>2-min recovery
Step 7 in this case 1 x Kilo Paddling as fast as I could whilst averaging only 80% of Max Hr
>2-min recovery
Step 8   n this case 1 x Kilo Paddling as fast as I could whilst averaging only 85% of Max Hr.
>2-min recovery
Step 9 in this case 1 x Kilo Paddling as fast as I could whilst averaging only 88-90% of Max Hr.
> 2-Min recovery.

Here is the Suunto Movescount-Accounting of the workout.  All the components Health, Performance and  Wellness done in BALANCE, this  is a GREAT WORKOUT!
Components of a GREAT WORKOUT are:
  • A warm-up that allows for your Metabolism to adjust to your Movement (Nervous System)
  • Challenge your Nervous System (Movement) at a variety of Metabolic Thresholds (Energy Systems)!
  • Allow for Recovery, not only critical to the FULL development of our Autonomic  Nervous System, but also to allow enough Muscular Recovery to to achieve Quality Reference Point Training.
  • Fitness Tracking to get a Global Perspective of how to MIX the cornerstones of true fitness:  
    1. Intensity- 1 of 5 Metabolic Thresholds (75%-80%-85%-88%-Max/Supra)
    2. Duration- length of workout in total time, one a day, two a day?
    3. Frequency-  How often to include various training effects, Periodization.

For More Information on Equipment and Systems of Use, please contact me at:

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