Dwayne "Peanut" Harms

California HS Coach of the Year 2012
I am so Proud of Coach Harms.  I met Peanut as we call him in Lake Tahoe at my first prize money road race at lake Tahoe in 1983. I was ecstatic to have ran well and won some much needed money to live on.  It was here in the lobby of Harvey's casino Tahoe that we first met.  I was running for Converse Shoe Company and he of course was one of the original Converse Aggies of the Bay Area known for the Centipede at the Bay to Breakers.   

It wasn't till spring of 1984 that I saw Peanut again. This time at the starting line of the Runners Den 10k in Paradise Valley Arizona.  Again I had a good race and ran my first sub 30 minute 10k in 29:38.  It was at that starting line that Peanut said to me:  "Hey we are gonna have a blast in Boston"!  I had no idea what he was talking about. The gun went off and I had a good one.  After the race Peanut told  me we were selected as Running Tech Rep's for Converse who had landed the Official Shoe of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games and need some runners to promote their new Arthur Lydiard Shoe and to assist Converse, primarily known as a Basketball Shoe Company in the Marketing of Running and Aerobics.  They flew us to Boston and put us through a Bio Mechanics School to be "Experts on  Gait Analysis" and of course to sell some shoes.

That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship and many great times, on to work with Ted Banks and put on Coaching Clinics held during the 84 Games and a truly life changing experience not to mention lots of fun, dancing in LA at night and going to all the Olympic Events.

Peanut and I went on to work for Reebok, I was a Key Account and Business Development Manager in Southern California and he was National Sales Manager for Track & Field.  Stay tuned this is a work in progress........ I hope to once again work with Peanut and utilize our life of work and experience to do good things.

The world is changing, methodology and technology are converging.  There are so many things we can now do to make better assessments and prevent injury. With everyone looking for a magic pill, sometimes the high performance solution is as simple as "Staying Healthy".  Good Coaches, do baseline assessments and prevent injuries by building the runner from the ground up.

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