Healthcare/Fitness & Community Performance Model

Community Performance Model for Better Health and Fitness in Boulder/Denver Area

The Successful Future of the Fitness Industry will unify 3-major areas of our community landscape- that currently DO NOT communicate very well:
  • Fitness/Wellness Centers  (Diagnose and prevent illness and injury for better health)  
  • Medical Clinics/Medicine (Diagnose and Treat illness with Pharmaceuticals)
  • Olympic Performance Standards  (Proven Training Methodology)
To do this we must have meaningful exercise programs that we can document. Programs that are evidence based & measurable. 

For this to exist we need large Fitness Providers like the Colorado Athletic Club to provide Diagnostic Equipment and Motivational Metrics that will Diagnose Structural as well as Metabolic- Fitness Baselines. This would allow them to build training programs that specifically address each individuals needs from a Structural Movement and Metabolic Cost perspective. 

From this Baseline we could then more accurately Prescribe Specific Training Programs that would Prevent Over-training, Illness and Injury as well as Promote Higher Performance.
Noraxon Force Distribution Measurement Systems

All Fitness comes down to lowering the Metabolic Cost of Movement. To train this we must be able to Diagnose Movement from a Structural Point of View, as well as Pinpoint Metabolic Training Effect at five different levels. To do anything less is just not our best! The Technology is Here, the Time is NOW!

To Improve Performance and Lower Metabolic Cost (STRESS), we must not only increase Aerobic Capacity, or Power at Lactate Threshold- we must also address the Mechanics of Movement!

The time has come for these 3- Major facets of our society to come together into one Community that is evidence based, measurable and effective in addressing the poor health and wellness of our Nation. 
We must start Subscribing to a System of Prevention: 
  • Diagnose Baseline Performance... 
  • Prescribe a Personalized Program... 
  • Execute & Measure that Program and... 
  • Prevent injury and Illness while...
  • Promoting Higher Levels of Human Performance!
It all starts with a SUCCESSFUL model.  The Diagram above connects the Dot's of Key Boulder/Denver Events with the most Prominent Area Fitness Center (CAC). Our Goal is to bring these Wonderful Community Resources together, not only for the benefit of each group, but as a MODEL of Wellness and Human Performance for the entire region. To promote wellness we must get more people moving and the best way to do that is to "Lead By Example", by Model.  

Does, CAC, BB, Ironman, USATF, and Rock & Roll Series communicate with each other for the good of the Global Fitness Community of the Boulder Denver Area?  If NOT, WHY NOT?  This Model is the Future, Smart Science and Smart Relationships for Better Health Outcomes that encourage inactive to join the active.

Events like the Bolder Boulder, Ironman Boulder, The Rock n Roll Marathon and our National Cross Country Trials should be connected to each other through a Regional High Performance Center and WELLNESS Program, weather you compete or not! In this Area Colorado Athletic Club (CAC) has the perfect opportunity to team with Americas Finest.  

CAC can offer a Running, Multisport and General Fitness Program that will offer Fee and FREE Diagnostic Services in which to prescribe Meaningful and Specific - Evidence Based Training Programs that encourage participation in an Annual CAC Calendar of Events that Promote and Showcase Better Human Performance in the Global Boulder/Denver Community. 

These are great communities that need to come together in a common front. This common front becomes a community model for everyone.  Someone has to take the lead...

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Noraxon Force Distribution Measurement System

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