Noraxon/iQniter @ DEMO Colorado!

Join us for a Special Demo's in the month of Sept.

Put another way, improve your efficiency of Movement (Neuromechanics) and reduce your Metabolic Cost (Stress). Prevent Injury (Prehab) and Illness and spend more time Training Smart and reducing the Factors that Limit your Performance!

Often times this can be done by simply becoming aware of gait or movement deficiencies- Symmetry, Balance, and better Self Awareness.  

Bio-Feedback is a critical tool to assist you in correcting movement issues.

Diagnosing your "Current Status", both Mechanically and Metabolically is critical. In terms of Metabolic Condition and Structural Efficiency -Where are you at RIGHT NOW? It is always better to Prevent Injury and Illness and be in a Prehabilitation mode, than get injured and Sick and be in a Rehabilitation mode

I went to a Medical Trade Show last week and every booth, every product & service was targeting at TREATMENT.  I had to scratch my head and ask: 

"Where is the effort and inve$tment to PREVENT"?

>With iQniter we can measure your performance at each of 5- Metabolic Thresholds.

>With Noraxon we can measure your MOVEMENT... Stance, Balance & Gait with

Upon completion of a simple run, walk, jog, or stance measurement we can get a complete report. Please see report below- for test above.  

What is the RX (Prescription) for Better Health and Performance
We will use this diagnostic to prescribe the ancillary work of your training program- to build a better   YOU!  Balanced... Strong... and Efficient!  

Diagnose and Prevent, by identifying and training your Limiting Factors.  Conditions we would otherwise, NOT be aware of, and thus keeping us from being our best. Avoidable conditions that ultimately put us on the DL (Disabled List) of Life.  Pro Teams... reduce the % of players on your DL and America... reduce the cost of health care whilst improving the quality of life. The technology is here, let's use it....

A short view of the report will tell you I have a weak left side.  

This is my own report.  I had double hip replacements 13 years ago and have been having pain in my left hip.  You can see pressure is less on the left where my Center of Pressure is MORE Unstable, and I am favoring the left side.  Further EMG reports show me that I have far less muscle activation on my left side glute (Butt Muscle).  

Before you giggle over the butt muscle like most, please note that the Butt Muscles are some of the Strongest Muscles in the human body and they not  only act as Propulsion Devices they also are Critical Shock Absorbers and what they miss the Joint Takes Head On!  

I need to spend a little time each day doing a few Key Ancillary Exercises to Strengthen the Muscle Around my Left Hip.  

Prevent a REPLACEMENT... trust me.... 

Our Noraxon QPS (Quantifiable Prevention (prehab) Specialist) program will utilize the diagnostic information from your Baseline Gait and Metabolic Test to Design a personalized 8-Week Training program that will specifically address your unique situation.  

No more Over-Training or Under-Training! We will pinpoint the proper Training Effect (Load) and address structural, neurological and bio-mechanical issues to bring Balance.

The Future is NOW.  Measure twice and Act Once!   

Pro Trainers, University and Olympic Trainers, Major Fitness Centers you CAN reduce and eliminate many of the *DL's off your Roster.  For Your Own Private Demo Contact:


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