Model of Wellness..? It Takes a Community!

Connecting the Dots of Health, Wellness & Major Motivating Events:
Click thru the power point  to see your community of health and performance come to life!

The Diagnostics for Performance & Health:
Our Goal is for all participants in our community events to have the same access to diagnostic equipment and programs as Olympic Athletes.  In our Model event participants would have access to Colorado Athletic Club and all the Gait Diagnostics and Metabolic Information an Olympic Athlete Gets at the OTC in Colorado Springs.

Special Diagnostics means pinpointing the prescription of action or periodization program by CAC Staff.  Injuries and Illness are Prevented  we call it (Prehab) or Maximizing Performance.  Why Guess?  Involve, Motivate and Expand- Evidence Based Exercise, Lower Insurance Claims, Save Money and Lower National Healthcare Cost while improving event participation & performance and more importantly:  Life Wellness of an Involved and United Community. Events communicate with each other, CAC and United Healthcare... Using their event platform as a Step in a Series of Community Events that benefit everyone involved.

Races promote each other, United Healthcare and CAC promote each other and the events! With constant "Up Coming Events"  incentives of motivation to participate and even compete.... drive motivation, offering a Circuit of Reward. All Stepping Stones of Wellness.

Noraxon provides state of the art structural diagnostics to Prevent Injury and Maximize Performance! 
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