Cross Fit? Whoop Whoop Go Girl?

Cortex MetaLyzer Metabolic Testing
Hello anyone who cares about human performance, health and the future of American Healthcare:
  • What is human performance? 
  • How do you get better?
  • How do you perform better at what it is you do…. Bike… Swim… Run...Play a Game?
  • If you are a person who plays games, like Soccer, Basketball or any other game, or has a passion for Endurance Activities- you certainly know by now your cardio respiratory –energy metabolism governs all of your movement. 
·       Out of Gas = Out of Game!  Can you Spell BONK? 

What is Bonk?
What about your individual metabolism is it, that gives you the ability to train and compete in ever increasing volumes and intensities?

Quick Answer!  Your ability to utilize Oxygen as an Oxygen Dependent Human on the Planet Oxygen (Earth)!

Before you drop in on your next- “Whoop Whoop Go Girl” -Senseless Spin Class, or your next- “Hey Buddy How Big is Your WAD” circuit training session, you may want to ask yourself:
  •  WHY  am “I” am doing this?
Learn More about your Body and How it Works:
  • What is your Fat Threshold?
  • What is your Aerobic Capacity?
  • What is your Anaerobic Threshold?
  • What is your Lactate Threshold?
  • If you do not optimize these first 3 with your training program, you can skip the next level…. Of MAX, cause it will not be your true BEST Max….. and it will NOT be healthy!
How much time does your Program Spend Training 80% or your Success as a Human Aerobe, in Levels 1-2-3?

Learn More and Optimize your Effort to achieve what it is you desire.....

Consider Metabolic Testing before you commit to  a Program and Make your Effort's Count!

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