Noraxon Demo@ Boulder Running Company!

Join Us at the Boulder Running Company in Colorado Springs this Saturday the 23rd 12-3pm

Noraxon USA provides complete Balance and Stance reports to pinpoint structural issues and prevent injury. We like to call it "Prehab" in a world gone crazy with "Rehab" wouldn't it make more sense to "Prevent" injury & Improve Performance, whilst Lowering Cost's?

What used to just exist in a laboratory is now available at your local fitness center or specialty running store!  We call it: 

"Out of the Lab and Into the Market"

Let us show you how to pinpoint structural issues and improve performance.  Regardless of age or performance level, often times improving balance can be as simple as a clear recognition of imbalance. Structural Bio- Feedback!

To Run Faster it is important to align forces into better forward motion that reduces stress to joints and lowers metabolic cost of movement.

To Run Longer it is important to prevent injury.  A great number of injuries in the body be it the foot, ankles, knees, hips or back stem from imbalance issues and poor symmetry. 

Squat Stance Report Before Diagnosis

After Test & Exercise Prescription

Given these printouts from a simple Squat Stance Analysis before and after exercise program it is clear to see the many structural problems, injuries, and even joint replacements this person has eliminated from their future.  

Join Us as we visit a variety of Running Stores and Fitness Centers in Colorado & San Diego.

If you would like a FREE onsite demo day in Colorado or San Diego Area please contact us.

This is a GREAT way to PROMOTE your BUSINESS & HELP your CLIENTS!

Diagnose- Prescribe- Prevent & PERFORM like never before!

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