Why Are 79% of Runners Injured?

Think about it?  Look at it from the ground up! The Kinetic Chain all starts in the FOOT!  How strong are your feet?  Do you make foot drills part of your periodization plan?  I just did a talk at the West Coast Super Clinic in Sacramento and it appears not! See our DVD @ Coaches Choice.

Little things mean a whole lot, below is a link to some great foot exercises you should start immediately.  Also work on your gait, doing drills that emphasize increased turnover. 

Simple drills while doing barefoot strides in the sand or on a nice grass surface after a interval workout. Simply do for example 50 meter strides at a Moderate to Swift pace and count your steps. Increase the number of steps at the same pace, doing "Fast Feet"get your feet down and under your Center of Mass (COM) faster- being very light on your feet, emphasis little or NO heal strike! Here are some great foot exercises: Click Here

Take a look at the PDF below with a few links to explain just a few Mechanisms of Injury:

What is the effect of Gait and Footwear on GRF?  Can you Change it?

Feel free to contact me for a copy of our DVD that takes this all into detail.
Center of Mass (COM) awareness, Gait changes, Footwear changes and Foot Strength are the answer to Reducing or even Eliminating Running Related  Injuries!

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