Power/Oxygen Training......

Power/ Oxygen Training
Where would we be without oxygen? Where would we be without Power? What are the oxygen costs of doing what it is you do?

I have been fortunate enough to learn from one of the best when it comes to endurance training, Dr. Joe Vigil.  I will never forget him telling me: “Tim, we are “Aerobes”, from the Oxygen based planet earth”!  We depend on oxygen (O2) to survive, thrive and perform!
What makes cells age? Wear and tear, yes. But biologically, says, Dr. David Sinclair, professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, its lack of oxygen that signals cells that it’s their time to go. Without oxygen, the energy engines known as the mitochondria become less efficient at turning physiological fuel like glucose into the energy that the cells need to function. Eventually, they shut down"’Time Magazine Dec 19, 2013

Every breath you take converts to energy. Human cells use nutrients from food and oxygen to create adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy source that fuels cell function. If your cells receive too little oxygen, they produce less energy. If your cells need more energy, they use more oxygen. That’s why your breathing rate increases when you exercise.

Energy Systems:
I could go on all day, but I will not.  Lets just be brief and as you probably already know you have 3-Primary energy systems:
  •  Aerobic
  • Combination Aerobic & “Anaerobic”
  • Anaerobic
5- Training Zones, 3- Energy Systems- Oxygen Based, Power Driven:

SEE VIDEO of Actual CPET (Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Test) Gas Exchange
See Screen Shots of Actual Diagnosed Zones from CPET (Click Pic to Expand)
Zone 1- Lipid Metabolism Free Fatty Acid Base Training.(Click to Enlarge)
Zone 2- Aerobic Capacity Oxygen Dependent (Click to Enlarge)
Zone 3 - Anaerobic Speed Endurance (Click to Enlarge)

Zone 4 - Lactate Threshold/Balance Point  Speed/ Race Power (Click to Enlarge)

Zone 5 - Max 15-30 Second MAX Power, Max Vo2, Max Hr (Click to Enlarge)
(Garmin Vector and MOXY Monitors Available Here)

To be the complete endurance athlete you MUST train all 5- Zones!  You Must build your base with up to 40% of your time spent at the proper Intensity and Duration.   

Zone 1 - Must be done at the right intensity, no more than 70-75% of your Max.  Objective is to improve your Power Output or Pace at this Metabolic Load!  Power Training with Garmin Vector Power Pedals and a MOXY Smo2 monitor will allow you to PINPOINT your intensity real-time by Oxygen Saturation in your driving muscles and power output to develop your capacity in this Critical Base Zone, up to 40% of your week should be spent in this Zone developing Capillary Beds, Mitochondria and Pedaling Technique.  Too much Load and you blow the entire purpose of training. These rides are best done as low as 50% of your Max to 75% of your max.  Optimize Fat Oxidation and prepare your body for intense work that is yet to come. 

REMEMBER:Your Anaerobic Respiration depends on your Aerobic Foundation. The objective is to increase the amount of pedal force (Power), at higher cadences for long periods without using anaerobic fibers. This is the base for higher gears, more power, and optimizing the performance of  anaerobic fibers later in the racing season. Remember, we are "Aerobes" on the planet Oxygen (Earth).  Maximizing oxygen efficiency also maximizes fuel efficiency, because oxygen is used to convert fuel to energy.  (Fuel like the gut or back fat you may be hauling around). These long rides are a great time to work on Cadence and a perfect pedal stroke! Strokes of 90-110 rpm spinning full circles, with heels down, driving down and around as well as pulling up and connecting the BODY to the BIKE.  I have heard it said: "You DO NOT ride a bike with your leg's, you ride it with your entire body". Like throwing a ball, you do not just flop your arm, you wind up and maximize your kinetic power from leg's to core to upper torso as you guide and direct the ball with your arm to hit your target.  Connect the power from right to left.  Garmin Vector Power Pedals Let you see this in a display of balance from right to left.

The Perfect Power/O2 training package!
MOXY Real- Time SmO2 Saturation in Working Muscle Displayed on Garmin Device
Sample Workout:  3-8 Hour rides  stay ON the bike, focus on Spinning Circles, Scraping Mud off your shoes and @ the proper intensity, it is OKAY to stop every hour or so and get a coffee, or a snack after the first 2-hours.  Challenge yourself to increase total power, in balance left to right at same metabolic output. Stay hydrated with pure water, do not eat the first 2-hours, train in a starved state, do not eat before.  HOWEVER... after 2- hours start moderate fueling's of a mixture of Carbohydrate (40-grams)  Protein (10-grams) and Fat (-grams) in solution & solid. Note how your body, mind and MOOD will PERK UP!  Make it FUN and LEARN how YOUR body works.  Here is a focus of what we see in CPET test's with elite cyclist's:
Click Picture to Enlarge
Zone 2 - Must be done at the right intensity, no more than 75-80%% of your Max.  Objective is to improve your Aerobic Power.  Power Training is a MUST, but done with Smo2 Muscle Oxygen feedback so you do not Over Train.  Objective is to Improve Power Output and Speed at Same Metabolic Oxygen Consumption.  All Fitness comes down to lowering the metabolic cost of movement.

Sample Workout:  1-2 Hour rides with 20-40 minute Tempo sections, flat and hilly to compare your ability to ride tempo at Aerobic Capacity.  Increase Power Output and speed on same courses and same conditions at Same Oxygen Consumption.

Zone 3 - Anaerobic rides, intervals done right below LT, what we call PRE- OBLA work. Combination of Aerobic/Anaerobic respiration to drive Maximum Power and Speed at same Smo2 (Muscle Oxygen Saturation).  Objective is to drive MORE POWER at same Oxygen staying just below massive Lactate Inflection.  

Sample Workout:  45 - 90 minute rides doing 10-20 minute Tempo

Zone 4 - Shorter Lactate Threshold building sessions. Building up to LT going Over and Under!

Sample Workout:  2-4 minute surges, up hill or on the flat starting at Aerobic building up to max speed above LT and then back down and repeat 4-10 Set's. Objective is to improve your bodies ability to produce, utilize, clear and buffer this precious energy.

Zone 5 - Explosive Jump Sprints 10-30 seconds in duration, full recovery 2-4 minutes and repeat till your Power Output begins to flounder.  Key is DO NOT PRACTICE SLOP!  Remember this is only 5% of total training.  It must be Quality on FRESH LEGS>

Sample Workout:  4 sets of  (4 x30 second sprints) with 4 minute recovery and Full Aerobic Recovery Ride in between sets. 

More to come on HOW to FEED each Zone!  This is Critical, Before, During and After. What you DO, or DO NOT do today, in terms of nutrition, may not show up for 3 days and BAM, accumulative fatigue and the loss of 2-3 days of effective training!!! 

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