SMART TRAINING = Increase Power/Speed/Distance (Performance) @ Sub Max Vo2

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This blog is a note to self and anyone else who wants to stay Injury Free, Healthy and get amazing strength at your chosen Endurance Based Activity.

To the James Jackson's out there or the Mike Fanelli's prepping for the next Masters Event.  We are too old and wise to make stupid mistakes of youth.  Youth out there, listen up!

Principles adapted from my teachers: Dr. Vigil,  Astrand, Feldman, & Lydiard.

Facts of the Equation: 
1- Everyone has a MAX output, heart rate, speed, oxygen uptake ect.  That is a given!
2- Athletes with very High tested Vo2's often get beat miserably by athletes with much lower V02's.
3- Its NOT what you have to spend, as much as it is--HOW-..... YES HOW, you spend-- that win's the day, and wins with all the parameters of LIFE.

A woman recently asked me "Hey Tim, what are you training for"?  My response:  LIFE and Better Sex! (with my Wife of Course). I may have sounded like a smart ass, but I was very serious.

I am done competing so to speak.  I have a few objectives, but the core of my time spent in movement: cycling, swimming, lifting, paddling ect. is simply to improve my movement against the cost of that movement.

In LIFE, this means keeping your performance outcomes at various standards- measurable activities - the SAME or even BETTER as you age.  My next big birthday is 60 in a year.  I have goals.  GOALS are GOOD.

What are yours?

My earliest Memorable Goals were to run Sub 4' in Mile, got 4:02, run sub 29 in 10K, got 29:38, run sub 45' 15K  got 45:30.

The best goal of all is your MILE Time if you are a runner, your 40K TT as a cyclist and your Kilo time in Paddling.  My best mile 4:02, My best 40K TT 53:33, My best Kilo Paddling 4:25.

GREAT TIM... but what NOW???  What is your best along these lines?  What do you base your training on?  How do you stay interested as you turn  40-50-60-70-80....???

These are REAL LIFE QUESTIONS!!!   I want to share RPT with the world.  Simply set up workout standards that really TURN YOU ON!  Sessions you can Monitor and IMPROVE as you AGE an PROGRESS.

Say that again:  Monitor- Improve as you AGE and PROGRESS...... Age and Progressssssss!!!

I posted just 1 of MY RPT Workout above for the WINTER on my Paddling Machine, like a treadmill for runners, I have had it for 10 years, it NEVER talks back and always tells me the truth. Along with a Garmin 920xt and some wisdom I can have a blast and be 9% body fat, Strong and Fast at any activity relative to any age.  This is ALL GOOD. For more on indoor paddling click here:

My  500 RPT is doing 8 x 500 meter Paddles, going as fast as I can at 75% with a 4 -minute recovery between,  Focus on first 2" Recovery. In other words I am only suppose to be spending 125-128 BPM, but, the challenge is to Keep the HR DOWN whilst Moving as FAST as you can, so I creep, but I am working on it.  YOU do the same.

The Life and Heart Health part of this is your PERR or Post Exercise Recovery Rate, often taken 1 minute Post MAX output, this is taken 2 minutes after Post SUB Maximal output.  Dr. Oz and most Cardiologist look at this number closely.  If you did it just once you would want to see 65 Plus beat recovery for GREAT heart Health, but since you are in a 1-hour training session, just track your progress and improve.  As you can see in my sample, I have a 50-60 beat recovery in the first 2 minutes post Sub Max, which is good. 60-70 would be better, 40-50 would be worse.  GET BETTER with practice, learn to relax and stimulate that Vagus Nerve which interfaces with the Parasympathetic control of Heart and Lungs.   

What can you average for a similar effort with 4 min recovery?

If I could till run, I would do maybe 600's to keep the ON time around 2', why?  To keep the speed UP.  Also the reason for such a long recovery of 4' given only a 2+ min @ 75% effort is to practice Efficient Precision Bio Mechanics.

At the end of the day, you either improve your use of Vo2 or you reduce the cost of Movement.  The Grand Prize is BOTH.  Run 5:20 pace 600's (2-min) @ 75% x 8 of course you would have to be close to a 4 minute miler to do this truly keeping the HR below 75% of max., it is all relative is the beauty of it all.  If you are a 5 minute miler then your 600's would be around 2:30.

The amazing thing about RPT is that it can be scaled up or down to adapt to ANYONE and ANY ACTIVITY.  Simply take your 4 minute MAX effort PACE at any activity and us it in the

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