Winter Training Fun, How to Make it Count!

Metabolic/Biomechanical Winter Training Fun

Make your winter INDOOR TRAINING count, don't just beat yourself to a pulp on a boring indoor gadget, or risk injury- outdoors on the ice. Take this time to improve your Speed to Metabolic Output Ratio, what Dr. Vigil referrers to as VvO2 or we call Reference Point Training. RPT

The Video above shows a simple 8 x 500 Meter Indoor Paddling session I did today. You can do this on the bike, on the treadmill, in the pool, on any device you can measure PERFORMANCE and METABOLIC OUTPUT!  
  1. What is your Output (Performance)?  500meter's@ 2:09
  2. What is your Metabolic Cost (% of Max HR)?  My case here 75% of Max (128 BPM Cap)
  3. What is your RECOVERY?  First 2 minutes Post SUB Maximal Interval?
Over this winter, pick a few workouts to Increase your SPEED @ 75% of Max HR.  In my case improve my 2:09-2:13 500's @ 75% to something like 2:05-2:09 whilst lowering my recovery's from 57bpm-83bpm to something like 57-67. ALL SUCCESS in Endurance sport is rooted in your ability to Lower Metabolic COST and INCREASE SPEED!!

What is a Paddling Machine?  See Video Link Here, Just like Rowing but for Olympic Paddling!

Good Luck,