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For 30-Plus years Mr. Don Janicki (2:11 Marathoner) and I (Tim Barnes- 3:46 1500m runner) have been involved in athletic performance of one sort or another.  Don and I ran Track and Cross Country together with Mike Joyner (2:25 Marathon), now Dr. Michael Joyner of the Mayo Clinic at the University of Arizona, as well as running greats like Thom Hunt, Dirk Lakeman, Paul Becklund, Jeff Hess, Harrison Koroso and Triathlon Greats like Paul Huddle. 

Along the way we met Dr. Vigil (2-time Olympic Coach), a genius of a coach, but even a better human being, a wonderful person I could go on and on about, see his link here. Dr. Joe Vigil has been kind enough to share some of his work with us from his book and some articles and work via fax. His book is a work every runner should have find it here.

I had the pleasure to not only run with some of the best athletes in the world, but I had the special chance to meet some of the finest Endurance Performance Minds of all time. 

My life after U of A Track took me to the 84 Olympic Games in LA as a Biomechanics Technical Representative of The Official 84 Shoe... Converse.  It was there I formed a life long bond with another Icon of USA Track and Field... Dwayne Harms also know as "Peanut", who continues to promote the special sport of running with clinics and coaching.  I went on to work with Peanut at Reebok as we launched many a footwear campaign, then on to Italian Footwear mfg Fila Sport before opening my own wellness center in Colorado. Peanut is now guiding Hoka One One along with another great runner Jim Van Dine.

It was through my work at Converse that I had the "Once in a Lifetime Chance"  to meet and spend a week with the true Icon of Marathon Training... Arthur Lydiard.  Wow.... I could write all day, but I want to make my point on our Method, Our REASON, our Methodology!  This is what this Page is about, Training Methodology. 

I did not just limit myself to running, I got very involved in Ultra Distance Cycling with RAAM and raced many West Coast RAAM qualifiers with Johnny G who went on to invent  Spinning which swept the fitness industry off it's feet. 

Our Co-Founder Don Janicki has done great things as the Elite Athlete Race Director of the Bolder Boulder 10K.

We are Passionate to share our 35+ -years of experience- not only in elite athletics, but as owners and teachers, at our own fitness/wellness center in Colorado for over 11 years.  

I worked as, what I called myself- "A Fitness Facilitator", I was there to Facilitate  the Fitness of a variety of people from 15 year old athletes to 85 year old seniors, often side by side in the same class. One thing I learned is for any program to work, it has to be the idea of the client, student or athlete to succeed. They must want it, I was only there to help them with their own idea and share with them my own information. Sometimes I taught, sometimes I learned but we always grew. Teaching is a two way street, sometimes 80/20 sometimes 20/80.

I learned much more from these folks than I could ever learn from an Elite Athlete.  Don't get me wrong, I love Elite, Olympic Athletics and  Olympic Ideals, but there is nothing like the day in, day out, fight for fitness and health a common person goes through.

I have had the good fortune to use only the best equipment and have always been on the cutting edge of Fitness Technology.  I think I got that from my admiration and short meeting with another famous coach at the 84 Olympic Games.  Lord Sebastion Coe's (Ex- Mile World Record Holder & Olympic Champion)   father and coach, Peter Coe.  Peter was an engineer by trade and brought a lot to the discipline of training that I loved.  Not always WHAT we do, but HOW we do it that brings about change.

We sell provide FREE training programs, and we produce revenue through selling the equipment we use.  These are not gadgets, these are critical TOOLS!  Training Tools!!! 

Tools that can NOT only Make you BETTER, they can SAVE your LIFE, I have seen it first hand! We have Identified Widow Makers in the Making....  Support us by purchasing your next training tool through us, we will get you the BEST PRICE and we will provide FREE Programs of USE (Periodization Guides)
  1. Power on the Bike with Garmin Vector
  2. Heart rate on the run with the Garmin 620
  3. Oxygen in the blood with MOXY  O2 Monitor
  4. Cushion on the Feet with HOKA One One
We are Authorized Dealers for the Full Line of Garmin, MOXY,  & Suunto.

What ever the case, these tools help us to execute 40 years of methodology that will make you better, whether it is improving your own PR or staying healthy.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.  Also take time to sign up to receive our Blogs in the left hand column.

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